sign if you're getting the black screen

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Maybe there will be power in numbers, bump it if you got it!
Do you mean the black screen with vertical stripes/bars? If so, I'm getting that too.
Lots of people are getting it. I know that it deals with my graphics card but does not deal with the over heating of my graphics card. The average temp is around 76-85 with it hanging around 79 most of the time. When the card has a hardware max of 105. I'm sure it will be fixed soon, you can't beta test on all makes and models before sending out a product.
why does it have to be a black screen? Why can't it be a white screen? Or a yellow screen?
/sign (and /sigh, as well)
I'd like a green sreen so I could have some fun with it with my video editing software. Send it to Blizzard so they can understand my frustration.
/signing for my girlfriend, whose getting the constant black screen/alt tabbing on a Nvidia GTX 460.

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