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I'm getting horrendous lag spikes during the evening times mainly.
Horrible lag spikes here.. game is basically unplayable on tough content..
Dear Blizzard

Can I get my money back??
Got the same Lag issues here in AZ >.< actions take at least 2-3 seconds to occur.
i've had the game since release and the lag has never been low enough for me to actually play the game.....on BOTH my accounts. Still at the very first screen you see ingame. Its definitely a server issue, but blizzard is kinda giving us the big !@#$ you atm.
How come this is a technical support forum yet none of blizzard staff has responded with some possible tech fixes? maybe there is a way to limit some un-needed info coming in and out, to speed up the connection? Im getting ping times of 300-2000 or is the lack of response from blizzard mean they know its their fault and nothing can be done on our side?
My girlfriend and I are experiencing it pretty bad. I have a green bar for my connection latency, and a water-cooled super rig (6950x2 etc)... so I don't understand why I am experiencing as much lag as my GF (even on the lowest gfx settings) when her computer is a 5-year-old Dell

What the heck is going on here...
Dear Blizzard

Can I get my money back??

Me too. Please? I need it for Torchlight 2, a game that will actually work.
So how bout those new servers?
Ping is 300-4000 on US servers, Asia - 200, EU - 100. My ping to Google - <1 ms. With the best internet out there.

After 400+ my monk freezes on nightmare and wakes up on checkpoint. IN SINGLE GOD DAMN PLAYER.
I really enjoy lag! Thats why I bought this game! QQ
I have a late 2010 mac book pro
2.66 i7
8gig ram
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M

I currently average 5mps on my internet connection it streams fine everything the game loads great and lets me in almost every time the problem I am having is after about 5-10 of smooth amazing play the game goes so slow I cant hardly do anything.

The one work around I have found is when I restart my computer and log in again I get about 1-5 min of play before it lags really bad again. I dont profess to know who's fault it is or why its happening. All I know is my computer exceeds the recommended computer specs and 5mps isnt really slow but I thought it might be my connection so I went to work to play were I get 100mps and I still have the same problem.

Any advice?

I also have this issue, however I doubt they will do anything about it. I'm getting random lags on SC2 since release also, although I have a fairly fast internet connection. I have had issues with this on other games as well, but not to that extent.

Typically I get the lags during fights, on single player also of course. It is most irritating if your dead after a lag.

I think some of it got fixed after the latest patch though.
I was running at 50fps, high settings on all. Then tues hits and we get a dumb patch and BAM! 30fps and I drop to 1 during large pulls, die all the time in hell mode, and blizz hasn't fix this. I called in internet provider to yell at them thinking it was their fault. Then I cleaned out my PC, re-installed the game from the hard copy I have unlike the online client I used. I even cleared out cookies, temp folder, old docs. I'm Tired of this crap, Wtf happened? I was running this game flawlessly then this happened.
Here's what i think the lag issue is...i think during the first install and log in to the server - each computer is assigned to a certain server. Some of the servers are terrible and others are smooth. If you are experiencing the lag 2-3 second delays every 1-2 minutes then you got placed on the short end of the stick and are playing on one of the poor servers. I think this is the case because the internet runs perfectly fine in my house. However, my brother is able to experience diablo 3 on the same internet with no problems at all and he is playing on a lap top with less power (i'm on a desktop - no problems with other games)!
i have had constant lag for a week now. No relief whatsoever. Game HAS not ran under 500ms. What a waste of money.
This whole situation is ridiculous. They had two betas and a stress test for this !@#$, this is just poor quality on their part and I'm just disappointed at Blizzard. For days now I have been lagging like hell and I had to pay with my Hardcore character for it. 16 hours right down my %^-.

They need to fix these yard sale servers already!
05/17/2012 07:52 PMPosted by Nova
10 years to develop and this is the bull!@#$ we get.

It isnt the developers fault..
We get !@#$ cause the guys witht he money didnt want to spend extra cash for better servers

How is this even possible o.O
Same issues..

This is not a good combo with Hardcore characters. Please address the issue please.

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