Follower During Act IV Boss Fight (Bug)

Bug Report
I discovered this upon joining a friend's game while they were fighting the Act IV Boss. The follower is supposed to be trapped during the fight and unable to aid you. I joined my friend's game, and then quickly left when I realized I couldn't jump into the boss battle (and wanting to avoid making my friend's encounter more difficult). Upon leaving, my friend told me that their follower had now joined them as soon as I left the room, making the battle, I suppose, quite a bit easier.

Just wanted to let you know about this Blizz. Also, level 43 and still no legendary drops, throw me a freakin' bone here :p

Just to confirm, I tested this once more to see if it was consistant (and to see for myself, not relying on a friend's word) and it does indeed happen every time. Once someone joins and leaves the game, the window asking if you want your follower pops up, and they then appear during the final boss fight.

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