ERROR 316708 Plague

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I got the same issue as well. My friends send me invites, I join and then got this error also. playing single player is good. I just want to get this problem solve as soon as possible. Don't want to be annoying but i want to play coop with my friends now.
unable to get past a f*cking quest because i keep getting rolled back when i get DISCONECTED every 2 mins
im have the same prob.
Cant play with my friends, it really makes me sad. the bugs walks the earth
same problem!
Have had this bug since the most recent maintenance (about 3 hours ago, 6ish PM PST) I had logged out as normal prior to the maintenance, and had done nothing until the servers came back up, only to have this bug prevent me from playing. :\
Two of my friends don't have any problems playing. They don't get kicked out of the game like I do. I can't play more than 15 mins. It's very annoying. ;/
same issue cant join anyones game and they cant join mine, keep bumping till they fix!
Same issue, I was patient at first but I'm starting to see red, Blizzard.
I got this playing with 2 friends from the same connection. They are WD and barb, I am Wizard. I either get the 316708 error, or it puts me in the party screen but does not join me to the game. They had to join my game.
i can join a game but when i play the ghame is kick me anytime so i can'T know what the time is kick me out so is in single player and i need to re-make the quest ot have a checkpoint
Having same issue this started at roughly 11:00pm Eastern Tried to acess friends game was told was removed and was given the error 316708. Tried again now at 12:23am and still having same issue. I logged out and then logged back in and still having problem. Blizard please fix this....
still same issue
Bump just got this issue, can't connect to any of my friends.

Port forwarding does jack squat.
this has been happening since the restart and still no blue post. Come the #$% on blizzard....its one thing to have a bug. its another to completely ignore it.
Same error for me and I cant join any of my friends games.

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