Bug in Diablo Boss Fight

Bug Report
I've come across a bug in diablo boss fight.

The battle has 3 parts, and the second part is fight with our mirror images.

Just at the time when p2 is over(p2 to p3),I was grabbed by the diablo,sufferd from the debuff"shadow xxxx", we beat diablo and went to p3.

Then the debuff couldnt be removed, and I was stunned so couldnt do anything. My hp went to zero but I didnt die.

So I just watch my teammates beat diablo all along....

Hope Blizzard could slove the problem.
I had this exact same experience. I was locked in Shadow Diablo's prison when he was killed. When my team was transported back into the "real world", I was permanently stunned. I also bugged out after reaching low (or no) health. Eventually died and had to be resurrected.
Ha I was just coming on the forums to report this bug myself, It happens when you get hit by a shadow prison but your party gets his health down to the next phase before he grabs you
Same here! I also noticed my skills were disorganized or were simply missing from the shortcut slots.
Same I was shadow prisoned (?) with the dizzy/stun waiting for Diablo to take a huge chomp on me then heal up. But since I hit him with an exploding palm bleed it hit next phase whilst im still prisoned and I was perma stunned so Diablo had a great time with me there :-(

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