Not getting achievements I'm clearly doing.

Technical Support
It's totally random, sometimes I get achievements, sometimes I don't.

I usually wouldn't care because in WoW people have already 15000+ and I don't want to catch up. But since game is brand new I would like to get achievements for stuff I actually do.

Why is this happening? I hate how Blizzard say "We can't do anything, try achievement again"

Such a waste of our time.
Bump, anyone else getting this? Or has a blue replied on the issue?
Yeah, i got same issue sometimes. Last time i was doing this "farm" quest in act 1, done it on co-op and didnt get any achivement no solo, neighter co-op. Also another "fun" stuff i unlocked some achives, and while login again they were locked even if i already used "rewards" :D
Thing is, customer support will tell us we have to just "retry" them.

Retry level 60 Barbarian achievement?


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