+ Cold Damage = Best Stat on Weapons?

Demon Hunter
So I noticed that + Cold Damage on my weapons automatically makes all my moves adds a passive snare. It basically turns my Hungering Arrow into Entangling Shot, while doing more damage and hitting multiple enemies at the same time.

Am I missing something, or is +Cold Damage too good on a weapon? What about +Elec damage, does it add a stun to your autoshots?
Cold damage, at least in D2, added a snare as well (and lowered attack speed by a hell of a lot which made it amazing) but it had the downside that its damage wasn't as good. It's harder to compare when it shows up on a weapon because the stats are so random but basically you could have a gem that gave 1-40 lightning damage (20.5 average) and the equivalent cold gem only gave 10-14 damage (7.5 average). Thus you're giving up some damage for the snare. In the same way weapons that spawn probably have a lower potential range for cold damage than the other elemental damages but, because of randomization, it's less likely to show.

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