vengeance - is it too good?

Demon Hunter
I can't imagine a build without it
Can't imagine one with it, horrible skill
It's absolutely amazing, hands down best passive we have.
I use it, but I certainly don't think it's TOO powerful.
Archery is definitely the better all around passive to be honest. Vengeance is alright I think. It's just one of those all around good passives, but it doesn't really stand out in any 1 build I think. It's just more of a "well I need 1 more passive, guess I'll take this" or "I'm going to take all the good generic passives".

Not OP by any margin though.
You really want like... a little bit more hatred randomly every now and then? I would imagine Tactical Advantage, Steady Aim, Cull the Weak, Sharpshooter, and Archery would be the most efficacious passives.
My build is OP as fck.
Vengeance *can* be substituted possibly. Keep in mind it only raises your max hatred, which means as soon as the battle starts, that bonus results in only one more impale in your arsenal. That leaves the health globe option, but to take sharpshooter, archery, and steady aim is actually a very nice choice sometimes. (left out vengeance ;))
I don't use it. Doesn't seem worth it.

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