"sledge fist" legendary weapon gives no dmg

Bug Report
So i got this item, and when i equip it i get less damage. If i equip one weapon with the fist i get 100 damage (for example) and if i equip a shield with that first weapon i get 120 damage (for example) shield has no offensive stats whatsoever. Seems kinda strange
When dual wielding, damage is calculated by averaging the two weapons DPS and adding a 15% attack speed buff. If Weapon 1 has 1000 DPS and weapon 2 has 200 DPS, you're better off just not equipping the second weapon because it will drag down the average DPS of your weapons by a lot.

In your case, I'm guessing the DPS of the one-handed weapon you already had is at least 15% greater than the Sledge Fist and equipping Sledge Fist brought your average weapon damage down enough so that the 15% attack speed bonus could not make up for it.
Oo so thats what happened. ye my first weapon had around 270 and the fist 150.. thanks :)

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