I think I'm doing it wrong...

Demon Hunter
...But it seems to be working. I use dual chakram, bola w/ volatile explosives, bat companion for oodles of hatred, and shadow power w/ blood moon. I seem to spam chakram all the time, and when I run out of hatred I spam bola. I never, ever get very low on health because I have so much extra health gained from +health from health orbs, so in turn I really don't use shadow power at all. I seem to own everything in my path with total destruction. (still on normal, but doing FAR better than my barb/WD) I just want to know, does it get harder or not? After discovering the AH i feel like i can just buy the best weapons/armor for my level and go to work on some demons. Not so easy with the other classes. Again, please just be helpful, as most of us are still trying to figure out the game (LOL) :D Thank you for your time.
05/20/2012 12:43 AMPosted by notAgamer
I just want to know, does it get harder or not?

Are you even reading the same forums?
You are on normal.

It is normal.
Pretty sure you can make up just about any combination of skills and finish normal.
Ok thanks. I'm a noob, so I don't have much time to play. Good to know I have a challenge awaiting me! :)

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