Wizard Meteor Build (concept)

Alrighty, so I've got a concept for a wizard build using Meteor Shower... I'm about to go into Hell mode, so I know it works through Nightmare, but not sure after.

  • You have an item granting you a boost to max arcane power, preferably at least 8
  • Skills:

  • Diamond Armor (Prism)

  • Meteor (Meteor Shower)

  • Energy Armor (Power Tap)

  • Archon (whatever you want)
  • Electrocute (Surge of Power)

  • Disintegrate (Chaos Nexus or Intensify)

  • Passives:

  • Prodigy

  • Astral Presence

  • Evocation

  • Strategy and Explanation:

    Okay, to begin with, having an item that boosts your max Arcane power and with Astral Presence, you should be nearing 128ish (I'm at 129). Casting Energy Armor will raise this to 148ish. Now, each Meteor Shower costs 60 AP. With Diamond Armor on, it reduces this cost to 53 AP. Thus, all three costs will take 159. Don't worry if you don't have that much AP, you should still be fine. Cast Diamond Armor, then begin casting Meteor Shower -- during the first two casts (since there is a cast animation) your AP will begin to regenerate, and you will regen at least 10 AP by the time the two are done. From here, you may cast the third meteor shower. During this cast, you shouldn't see any meteors yet, but perhaps when the animation of casting is over, the first meteors should begin to rain. From here, begin to cast Electrocute in order to restore AP quickly. Combined with Prodigy, AP regeneration should be fairly quick. Finish off remaining enemies with Disintegrate, and if necessary, you can use Archon Form. Evocation allows your Diamond Armor to be up again quickly, and your Archon Form will be ready sooner as well.


  • Obviously this a build for CC or taking on large groups. For single enemies, just replace meteor with Disintegrate, then when Diamond Armor wears off, go Archon Form.

  • Remember, Energy Armor stays on when shifting to Archon Form, so it may be in your best interest to recast it before changing!

  • Comments/criticisms?

    Please don't do this. I'm level 57 now on Act 3 of Hell and I know for sure that this will not work. The reason is because Hell is a large step up from Nightmare and you simply won't be able to use skills like disintegrate or archon AT ALL. Not to mention, meteor would be almost useless and you'd get bursted down too fast for your energy armour to kick in, especially with that rune. Instead, I'd recommend something that you can kite with as it is something you'll do a lot, regardless of whether you're soloing or not.

    So your skills should be something like:
    Shock Pulse (orb)
    Arcane Orb
    Frost Nova
    Diamond Skin
    Energy Armour (Force Armour)
    This build has honestly poor survival and I'd rather switch out archon to teleport or frost nova, whichever you prefer. You will notice the difference right away as you start facing elite packs in hell.

    And I guess it's just me, but I'd never been quite fond of disintegrate. If it's single target you're after, I think you might be better off with ray of frost or just going with magic missiles and split rune which deals more damage than electrocute. Furthermore, it's better for catching down leftover enemies so you don't waste an entire skill slot for that, which could be spent for something else. Hydra or magic weapon would most likely be a much better complement to this build, but I'd opt for hydra. Then you can switch out glass cannon for Conflagration which almost provides with a similar damage boost but doesn't gimp your survival.

    You might also be interested in playing around with slow time and time warp glyph for a more reliable damage and CC cooldown than archon that just has too long a CD in my opinion.
    Thanks for the tips guys!

    Just a quick question -- would this also be a terrible build for playing with a team? Such as a Monk who can tank some?
    Meteor's damage modifier is simply too low to be even considered mediocre for 60 arcane power + aiming + delay.

    It needs at minimum(unglyphed) 300% impact damage + 75% dot/sec to justify all the setbacks.
    I see. Are these potential changes? Can we expect Blizzard to up the damage on some of our spells such as Meteor?
    Of course not. The game has been tested and retested and polished so much already, especially on matters like this. If one build like this does not work, it is for good reason.
    05/20/2012 10:59 AMPosted by SuperMandrew
    I see. Are these potential changes? Can we expect Blizzard to up the damage on some of our spells such as Meteor?

    I wish. It's my favorite wizard spell (next to Archon, another spell that becomes useless at higher difficulties). As I've been saying for a while, meteor needs one of three things to become viable:

    More damage
    Less drop time
    Cheaper (not just with Star Pact)

    Any one of those things alone would make meteor at least a viable alternative to arcane orb. As it stands, it's a flat out downgrade.

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