Possible change to Vision Quest?

Witch Doctor
It seems that it would be nice to depend less on Vision quest. Might a possible solution be:

-Vision Quest now requires 2 powers on cooldown to achieve the benefit and only gives a bonus of 100% mana regen (Previously 4 powers for 300%).
-Increased Witch Doctor base mana regen by 100%.

So currently, if you have 30 mana/sec regen, Vision Quest bumps it to 120 mana/sec.
With the changes, your base mana regen is 60 and VQ bumps it to 120 mana/sec.

If anything, I'd go for requiring less powers to be on cooldown; if you want a spammable primary and secondary (like darts and zombears) you have to keep spirit walk on cooldown which stinks for survivability.

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