Cookie Cutter Inferno builds?

Titles means it all. Ive recently hit 60 and have been searching for builds but i keep coming across people posting builds that they THINK are amazing, only to find out that they are still in NM or hell and have no idea whats ahead of them.

So What are the most common, widley used builds right now that a monk can use to solo most of act I and act II?

Ive seen dodge builds and builds using healing boon and i would love to hear from some of the better monks who have actually had experience with a working build.
ok here is my build that can help you survive monsters with less than 6 range
and give you 5 more second to run when come across champions

passive: transcendence neardeath resolve
generator: crepling wave with concussion
right click: tempest rushing with fast speed
1: serenity with healing
2: blind(for monsters) or seveside(for champions)
3. breath of heaven with 15% more dps
4. mod or moh

by the way you can use this build to solo hell diablo even in a 3person team
i have tried

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