error 3003 isnt resolved?

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error 3003 in malaysia have only dis week to finish dis game ler
yup seems like the aus players are getting hit with 3003
No such thing as the Australian Server... We are logged into the American servers by default
Did anyone say that there was an Aus server...!!??
this was well timed with the weekly WoW shutdowns -.- now i have nothing to play..
This sucks. I just tried to log on from Australia and got error 3003 too. Changed server to asia and got on fine but dont have my characters there; so thats useless. Blizzard needs to sort their sh!t out. If they are going to schedule maintanance for US off peak times then they shouldnt default Australian players to US servers.
wtf..error 3003..from malaysia!please solve A.S.A.P i fight BOSS now!!!
we dont want to connect to europe, its worse ping, and if we go to asian servers, well we dont speak asian -.-
Yep Error 3003 is because the servers are down.
That makes me wonder what percentage AUS/NZ players make up of the American servers. I doubt we'd make up enough of a player base to warrant our own servers lol
My ping is worse on the Asian servers than the US servers. Go figure.
its probs best to stay in US servers, i would much rather the ability to instantly get into a game than wait 10mins coz all the games on AUS servers are full coz of the lack of players..
This is ridiculous between error 3003 and hackers steal everyone's stash and items. So disappointing I want to play some of the game I payed good money for!

if the servers arent down that means there isnt a maintance goin on. clue up little kiddies and get you undies out of a knot
Did anyone say that there was an Aus server...!!??
sigh dumb servers will be down till 1:30AM if you live in South australia which is crap because I have been trying to play this game and currently have played one day of it because the !@#$ty servers always seem to be down
Why are people saying that it is maintenance, if the server status' are all available.

Surely Blizzard would be smart enough to change them to unavailable if the maintenance was still taking place?
I have had this game for almost a week and have been able to play it for one day. I want my money back as far as i am concerned and i will never buy another blizzard game. First the servers offline then i get this 3003 error.

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