Zombie Dog WD Build

Witch Doctor
I just came it no get some opinions on this, so far I've beaten up through Hell Act 1 with this, or a variation of it (I just got the final rune at level 54), and I feel like it's pretty powerful. Yet I come on the forums and everyone is complaining and asking for buffs on half the skills I use.


Here is what you need to make it work:
Prerequisite 1 - Acquire a heavy hitting, slow weapon.
Prerequisite 2 - Build lots of Vitality & some Movement Speed, as you are often in melee range.

Here is how to use it: (This is for Rares and Champion packs)
Step 0 - Cast Grasp of the Dead on the mobs you need to kill. (Optional)
Step 1 - Cast Mass Confusion and Soul Harvest to set up.
Step 2 - Position yourself close and hold down the Sacrifice button, this will cascade.
Step 3 - Cast Summon Zombie Dogs and either continue the fight, or detonate them again.
Combat - Avoid standing in or around anything that will kill you, and throw frogs at your opponents, occasionally casting Soul Harvest for the health regeneration. You can use Grasp of the Dead to kite if you need to.
Critical Situation - If Spirit Vessel pops, get close and try to cast Soul Harvest, this should save your life for long enough to finish up a pack.

Opinions? I'll return with progress once I get to Inferno, at current pace I get about two acts done a day. As far as the fact that I'm not actually to Inferno goes, I'm not struggling in Hell at all, so I actually expect that I'll be able to beat it with this build. (Given some time.)

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