weapon for inferno?

I just hit 60 and was wondering if i should buy a 1h or 2h weapon. I have about 600k and am thinking of using the phydra/bliz build.
Care to explain as to why? Do hydras and blizzard scale with ias?
im using a 1h with a source in my off hand
i found it just gave me a lot more damage (this is based on what i could afford though)
also the attack speed was generally faster.

i've a 430 damage one hand sword with +80 int
off hand is a source 39-101 damage with +50 vit
attack speed is 1.81
with buffs my damage goes up to 15k

I only had 200k to play with
Whereas I sacrificed the off hand orb for a 950dps 2 hander which i bought for 600k with massive boost 100+ boost in intel. Ended up on 22k damage and I just cut through everything in inferno act 1 like a hot knife (or laser) through butter =P
disadvantage of 1H weapon are:
- you burn trough you AP faster
- you don't make as much dmg with hydra

advantage is (obviously) more stats

If you just have 600k I would go with a 2H weapon because with 1H you need to buy the source too. When you are able to farm Act1 Inferno you can make a lot of gold and buy better weapon...or find them for yourself
stick with a high dps 2 hander bro

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