Viable and fun solo Inferno build

Due to the number of Monk QQ threads I've decided to post my current build that's doing fine in Inferno. As a bonus, it doesn't even exploit the quickening/SW bug !!ZUX!acbaca

Enjoy. Keep Mantra, BoH and DR buffs on at all times. Don't be stupid, don't waste cooldowns and you can smoothly go from one pack to the next, although you might die a fews times to hard elites (arcane frozen wall anyone ?). BoH, Serenity, Blind, potions give plenty survivability and your killspeed drastically reduces what you need to tank per pack.

Current stats :
11k dps unbuffed, 15k with just MoH+DR
4.3k armor
500 all resists
32k hp

As you can see pretty decent equipment but really, not exactly crazy.

You can equip a slow 2hander and switch Serenity for 7SS:FO for fun times but I wouldn't call it a solid build anymore.

Note this is for solo play as the number of player increases you are forced to switch to a much more defense oriented build :!ZUX!ZZcabc
So uhh, you left CW runeless?
woops ! corrected
Dual wielding or 1h with shield?
I really like this build thank you for sharing, Very great damage and survivability
Highly doubt this would work if you didn't have 500 resist
Are you in act 3?
05/22/2012 02:43 AMPosted by Era
Highly doubt this would work if you didn't have 500 resist

Which is exactly why he has 500 resist
and that 500 resist and armor aint gonna be enuf once you hit act 3..

or the damage
Actually seems pretty nice. Does the -dmg on enemies stack between Resolve and Concussion on CW?
Glad to see it can be done at least the first 2 acts maybe. I have no illusions, and neither should any of you, you WILL die. It's the solo point of inferno. I plan on testing this build once servers are back. OP please in future post something about your gear so we can get an idea of what you're using. I get that its a lot of resist, mainly about weap combo's (1h shield, 2 1 hs.. you never know?).

Good post. I think we need to try and get a lvl 60 monk forum going so we can all share how we are dealing with elites, cause lets face it its why we are doing it! Get them stacks, then down the boss and pray for loot!
Also putting your main attack on another hotkey like w/e makes you not miss any mobs and run into them (qwer hotkeys have another mechanic). Movekey to left mouse button.
Give it a try!
05/22/2012 02:44 AMPosted by dmbrandon
Are you in act 3?
not yet, A2 for now. I would guess you need pretty good stuff for later acts, I'll tell about it once I try.
05/22/2012 02:52 AMPosted by Avalancher
OP please in future post something about your gear so we can get an idea of what you're using. I get that its a lot of resist, mainly about weap combo's (1h shield, 2 1 hs.. you never know?).
1h+shield. I just look around for the highest DPS weapon possible, the rest is gear that has as much as possible : DEX, VIT, 1 specific resist of your choosing, all resist. Other good stats are attack speed, life%. If you sell unwanted loot in the AH at good prices you can sell a good amount of your stuff fast, then using the filter for reasonably priced gear with those attributes you can get it pretty fast.
All I can say is lol.

lol. lol. lol. i agree it's a good build. but yes, lol. yes, good build and got me all the way to inferno and some more, but whats the point of inferno and getting thru it if that build can't even kill elites?

the point is farming elites. that build is not viable. waste of time. might get you a long way by skipping elites but then what, ask your wizard friends and get carried thru bosses for the next part? oh wait, yes, that's the only way. unless you wanna waste your time like i did solo'ing butcher and mahgda inferno for hours end.

monks need changes. nuff said.
Hi, Fractales, first of all great guy, thanks alot for sharing your knowledge.

Which item attributes are you looking for most? What resistance do you max? I think fire res is easiest (somehow find it the most). Lifelech or life per hit? do you use cc reduction-items?

edit: shortened a bit

@apollo, all I can say is lol. Why are you expecting someone to be able to solo elite in act2 inf like 1 week after release? just lol, lol. please stop crying like 5 year old babies. It's horrible. Who wants to live in a kindergarden please, who??
To those baddies and esp looking at Apollo. I use around the same gears as our friend here with a PURE tanking build and im up to diablo inferno, SOLOING only. Monks doesn't need to be changed, you need to learn to farm inferno's boss for better gears, try multiple builds, do 10-25 min fights and DIE aswell. This game is not even 2 weeks old and claiming for new patchs about monk? ..... come on

lol lol lol. ;)
true story. Tanking monk can be near unkillable when well played, u can Passive to reduce CD by 15%, minor change but in the act 4 you end up fighting only with your healing / invul CD's up and then run off until its back again.

Lashing Tail Kick runed to kockbacks is also VERY viable for some fire chains packs. Extremly strong to keep the control / save your surrounded !@# in inferno.
Thanks for this build. I will give it a shot and share my feedback here.

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