My Starting Hell Build

I suppose I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to see if I was anywhere close with this build.!ZVX!aZbaba

It's done really well for my in Nightmare but I just wanted to see if there was anything different I should be doing. Thanks very much.
This is a fairly interesting and very defensive build. Just an FYI, but I've been doing not too bad in early Hell with the following build as well (aside from the occasionnal molten/waller champion pack). It's more offensive and relies on avoidance and damage reduction, rather than healing.!Xcb!aZYaZZ

Note that I tend to swap out Chant of Resonnance and use Resolve for bosses.!Ycd!YabZZa

I've been using this build for all of Nightmare and I intend to attempt Hell with it at first. Not a whole lot of dodge, but I've been working really hard at trying to create a solid DPS monk with enough "oh !@#$" buttons. Serenity + Dash is great to out of the middle of a jam and there's little problem with spirit regeneration. Pretty much, every ability does some sort of AoE damage. Spamming MoC is an excellent healing tool along with a great damage bonus.

I'm using a 2H Daibo with additional spirit used = extra life. I've got over 2.5k DPS, 17k HP, and about 30% dodge. I'm going to switch out Chant of Resonance to One With Everything once I get enough fire resistance gear.

It's a very active play style, which I love. Constantly flying around and deciding the perfect time to zoom in and AoE smash everything to pieces. It's so much fun - like Nightcrawler/Jackie Chan hybrid. The only times I die is when I get lazy/overzealous and refuse to dash out, because I think I can kill all the mobs before they kill me...
I think I'm actually gonna switch out Blade Storm for Master of wind because I'd rather have 45% damage at 100% uptime then 60% damage at 50% uptime.
Equip two fists with spirit regen, lifesteal, and health return on hit, and pick one resist stat and get it on all the gear you can (I picked arcane.)!ZdU!caabYb

Key points: Resolve - You're hitting everything, constantly, so you're reducing everything's damage, constantly. Inner Storm - Quickening? Who needs it? Sweeping Wind was great without the bug.

Everything else should be pretty obvious. If you've got good spirit regen on your gear you might be able to switch to Crippling/Concussion for more damage reduction but I couldn't sustain Boon-spam for long without the superior spirit gen of FoT.

If you want to fit Transcendence in, swap it for Guardian's Path and switch FoT rune to dodge. It'll be up constantly.

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