The problem with items at the moment..

Items and Crafting
The problem with legendaries not being legendary are the stats that are built into the weps/armor are mostly useless. Some have 1 big resist (poison/arcane) that no one really cares about. Some have ~1% chance to do blind/immobilize etc - no one really cares about. Some Legendaries have 6 magic properties - things you would only get from Exhalted Grands in rare form. However, usually at least 3 of those properties are already taken up with crappy effects. Right now the rage is DPS with vit or whatever stat that makes your character do dmg (int/str/dex) along with IAS. They are just getting outperformed by blues because of these crappy stats, though they have the potential to be so much more because some have more + numbers. Seven Sins shoulders gives you 9 magical properties. Maybe a lot of these items will be more useful in pvp (assuming dmg is scaled down)??

The big thing is occasionally legendaries have so much potential. Lets take the Seven Sins example. Gives you str/dex/int/vit/arcane resist +4 magical bonuses. How about More vit, a dmg cursor (str/int/dex), with mf and all resists with the +4? There is big potential in an item like that. The problem is most only have 6 with 3 built in's that at least 1-2 are crappy.

How to fix?

Weapons should be locked in by having a %dmg (varied) and a dmg bonus (arcane/poison/fire/cold - also varied). Depending on the item, try to keep it somewhat like it was (windforce with knockback - a higher pct too). So Stormshield will still have dmg reduction etc just with either eliminating the useless stats and give us a better chance to roll something good or swap out a useless property for a better one.

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