Why is my witch doctor damage so low?

Witch Doctor
I bought a weapon with 1200 dps on it, but yet my damage on my character page is still only at 11,000... my gear has int and vitality on all of them and are at least 50+ in lvl. Yet, everyone I see has like 20k damage on their character page. What am I doing wrong?
Everyone shows their damage buffed with SH.
How much intelligence do you have total? This plays a pretty critical role in your damage, as in exponentially increases the % damage you do the more you have.
That could very well make the difference. I might just need to get my intelligence up, I am at 988 intelligence. It doesn't seem like I can find gear on the AH that is very much better though. Only like +20 intelligence but they cost like 700,000 gold lol
Weapon damage > Attacks per second > Intelligence

There you go, go pwn some daemons.
Soul Harvest? But I am talking about like Demon Hunters etc have 20k damage
Put on Pierce the Veil.
Soul Harvest? But I am talking about like Demon Hunters etc have 20k damage
Your Int must be low, my WD has a 930ish DPS weapon and has 13k damage unbuffed, 20k with Soul Harvest.

Edit: Thats without Pierce the Veil.
Ohhh! How stupid of me, I new that pierce the veil would increase my damage... but for some reason didn't think it'd make the numbers bigger on my character page ahha... that and soul harvest five stacks brings it up a LOT! Thanks!
How much intelligence? I got just under 1000
1098 Int, 13019.92 damage. No Pierce the Veil or Soul Harvest because I don't run either with the current Inferno build i'm testing.
i have around 25k with pierce of veil and 1500 int my wep dps is 700 1h and mojo dps isnt that good think its probly your int making differance i was under the assumption wep dmg was the best but i guess int helps it rise alot along with it 25k without soul harvest btw also attk speed raises your dps quite abit
I have 1700 dps using a 700 dps weapon without any buffs or passives.
I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of attack speed you're stacking and how much int you can manage to get. I currently get my attack speed from helm, ammy, gloves, both rings. This really cranks up my dps and it is nice with a 2hander. Dps is not everything though. You need vitality as much as your damage.
Intelligence, attack speed.
I am sitting at 15k DPS with 1266 int, 37% attack speed and 892 DPS 2h, with 30k life.

That's without passive buffs or soul harvest.
Weapon damage > Attacks per second > Intelligence

There you go, go pwn some daemons.

best ever :D
How are people affording this gear, all the good stuff in ah is like in the millions now.
Weapon DPS is different from weapon damage.

Lets say you have a bow or crossbow which are usually with faster attack speeds and a 2H axe which have slower attack speed. Let's say both have same weapon DPS. Which do you think would give you more "Damage" on your Witch Doctor character attribute? It's gonna be with 2H axe. It's the weapon damage that counts. I tried it.

When you buy a 2H axe, find an axe with +weapon damage not +elemental damage. Elemental damages are fire, frost, poison, lightning, etc. Look for amulets and rings with +weapon damage too. And when you gem your weapon sockets, use ruby not a topaz.

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