Odd Build Solo Inferno?

Hey all. Since the changes I've been trying different combinations of builds in Hell. This build is getting me through atm solo. I was wondering if someone would test it in inferno and let me know if it's viable?


Please don't scoff. The build takes no secondary skills. (I know, I thought the same thing). Instead it relies on constantly moving, throwing down blizzard, venom hydra and casting shock pulse orbs when you can. I had my doubts when I made it, but in practice I have been able to solo through act II with hardly any deaths. Fast mobs or shielded minions are the biggest pain. But they are doable. You have to kite for quite a bit... but this was working solo. Thanks for the input!
It works, using Blizz/Veno Hydra is actually really common to kite with.
However, I prefer using fracture on my teleport so it slows down the mobs for a second.
Very common except for the ice armor. Some builds do use ice armor since the stun gets applied before damage. So, you can get lucky. But energy armor with pristmatic/force rune is much more common.
I wonder where have i seen this before...oh that's right i remember :O


Aside from the armor spell, everything has been discussed in that vid.
And the armor spell is the optimal one too, maybe with a rune change now.
Thank you all for the comments.. I think. I am happy I found the build regardless.

So what do you think force armor runes? Prismatic.. since the other one is kinds useless since Nerf?

Also I know venom hydra is the overwhelming favorite. But how about arcane hydraulic with Temporal flux in this build... Do blizzard and tf stack? If they do, how about slow time... would that be a 3x slow?
Sorry for cell phone auto corrects
Get rid of Galvanized, the 310 regen won't save you in inferno
Nobody is going to scoff, you're using a typical hydra/blizzard build really, except for ice armor

Something like this viable in Inferno? Seems like it's in the same vein.

Something like this viable in Inferno? Seems like it's in the same vein.

The only way to know for sure is to take it into Inferno and try it out, but keep in mind that you are dropping Blizzard a lot in Inferno. Often I lead with 2 Blizzards in front of me and I'm always ready to drop one on my current location and run when I'm dealing with Champions/Elite packs. Without the Snowbound rune and using Energy Armor, I foresee a shortage of AP as the most obvious problem to overcome.

I also think Living Lightning is too close range for a really good kiting spec, but you're welcome to try. Check out Electrocute's Lightning Blast rune; it hits multiple times, has a longer range, and has a higher base cast speed than Living Lightning.
Thanks for the tips. Yeah I agree about Blizzard, I swapped out for the 20 AP rune.

I'll keep Lightning Blast in mind as well.
I think this would work in act 1 inferno, but after that you'll have a hard time. Glass cannon means you have 10% less rests/armor, so even more damage will be taken. Same with illustionist...you really can't survive more than one hit, so chances are this rune is going to be completely usless to you as well. FA is only going to work for you with 400+ resists, 3600 armor and about 30-35k hps...minimum. Otherwise mobs will hit you too hard and kill you in one hit anyway.
The thing about inferno is that a lot of the mobs are inherently fast, cast your hydra your blizzard then turn and run, rinse repeat. It also helps to have a big dmg dealer to use up your mana.

Up to you, force armor still works and saves my !@# on a regular.

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