Diablo III Low FPS Fix

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New one driver was released yesterday.

Does it still work for that version?
works perfect thanks...

from 3-8 seconds freezes and 10 fps with a gtx 580 to a fully fluend game
doesnt work for me, it might be because i am on a budget pc with a 2gb nvidia gt 610(LOL). I guess ill have to deal with 15 fps
Reduced the frame drops didn't fix them they still drop pretty low in some spots! Tried everything been playing this game since day one with this !@#$ and god it's horrible.
I did a clean install of the latest nvidia drivers and I can't find the option Power managment mode anywhere in the nvidia control panel... Could someone help me out on this? My video card is Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT 512 mb
prepare to get your mind blown:

For those people who could not get this fix to work try the following:


disabling sound removes stuttering completley . lowering the available sound channels to 16 reduces framelag and stuttering and its playable again in rakkis crossing.

I dare saying that this is the root cause of the problem and the hardwareclass/vsync thingy more of a workaround.

thats why iam interested in people who got a fix by changing hardwareclass : please remove all your modifications in the d3prefs.txt and to the nvidia diablo3 profile and try disable sound.
does this fix your problem?

if yes, ill report to blizzard.

@SpiritSound - GT9800 has no energysaving options - just ignore settings which arent there.
better disable sound :D

/edit : i removed my hardwareclass settings and set it back to 4 - enable vsync, antialiasing, all max, enable foreground fps and all stuff.
with sound channels low or off: everything else has no effect
ive got a similar system Alienware M11x r2 i5 and 6gig RAM
this helped me but im still finding issues with latency anyone know a if a dedicated port will help or something???? ive been tryna ifigure it oput for a lil while now
This worked flawlessly. A lot less load-up drop (that horrid 10 FPS you get for the first 5-10 seconds after zoning into the first fight) and no more in-fight drops, fps lag, stutter or spikes. Left all settings at high except those discussed in the post. FPS is a cool constant 60. (not sure why it still doesn't go above that since it should but w/e)
Don't install from a disk- goto battlenet and download the digital version - it will be much quicker than an install disk.
o m g, you're a god.for some time that i couldn't play diablo 3 decently,my laptop was just melting at 1200 res and everything turned off, with your help I can play with all the settings maxed at 1920 resolution locked at 60 fps.thank YOU!

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