frost damage and Cull the Weak

Demon Hunter
so i was wondering, has anyone done any real testing to see is the snare effect from a +cold damage weapon triggers the 15% damage on cull the weak? i know things like frost arrow do, but not 100% on bonus cold dmg on attacks.
I'm pretty sure it does, I've noticed my damage goes up when a wizard uses a slow type spell as well, as long with the WD, so I don't know why it wouldn't, of course, it would all start AFTER the slow
bUmp to this.. this just crossed my mind... this guy thought of it 6 days ago. has anybody tested this yet? Im currently using a 960 dps bow w/ frost coz its easier to kite enemies when their slow...
When I was leveling my Demon Hunter, some of my friends were using Rapid Fire with the slowing Rune in conjunction with Cull the Weak. I preferred the reduce initial Hatred Rune, myself, but it's preference.

If you are going to use Rapid Fire, Steady Aim might be a better alternative. Not that you are...

And if you're using a cold bow, I would suggest using CtW as a bonus 15% damage at all times. Not sure what you'd swap out, though. If you're using a Bow and not a Xbow/Hbow, you could also use... Archery/Sharpshooter or Archery/Steady Aim for massive damage.

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