anyone use inner sanctuary?

anyone use inner sanctuary?
I see any build here but no one use it.

not any good?

I think it may be able to save our !@#$ a ton.
theres not really any room for it.

i used to run it with BoH and serenity but the blind is so much more helpful IMO.

blind is basically like a 3 second AOE stun, and it stops champs from using morter and fire chains
Does the inner sanctuary block damage also? or just block the mobs from getting close to you?
I tried to make use of it from time to time but the radius is just way too small. A lot of mobs can reach right through and hit you. Also, mob pathing doesn't seem to be as strict as the player, often seeing very large enemies walk through the smallest of paths while their bodies clip out of map.

They could easily double the Radius of the spell and it would stand a better chance of making it into late game monk builds.
it just blocks stuff from coming close to you.

ranged mobs can still hit you
champ mobs with mods will still be mortering/arcaning/poisoning/burning the ground under you
radius is too small to be of use...
Total waste of a skill slot. Mobs can hit you in it, knock you out of it, the healing rune on it is piss poor. The damage reduction would be nice, but no one stands in it. Pretty much a crappy kiting tool in hell and above.
I used it for the Belial Fight in Act 2 Inferno with 3 others. It was a nice boost of extra CC for the swarm adds in the first two stages.
This guy seems to be loving it. I think he uses it as a corridor block mainly though, so it's a bit environmentally situational. But when it works, isn't it a 7sec break? That's heaps..

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