Locked in Pinnacle of Heaven...

Bug Report
So I was running along tossing a couple trash items from my inventory to make room for all the loot dropped by Diablo and inadvertently tossed my Nightmarish Staff of Herding as well. After killing Diablo, I was locked into that area preventing me from running back and getting my staff.

I left the game and rejoined in town to take the waypoint and hopefully just run up before the barricade and pick it up. That didn't work as when I took the waypoint, it tossed me into the same area in which I was locked in. Then I tried running from the Great Span through the Silver Spire up to that area and that didn't work either.

Why does that gate not go back down and force us to leave the game?
Because you killed Diablo you beat the game. There's normally no reason for you to come back to that area. Sorry, but there's nothing you can do about it. And the Staff was permanently gone the moment you left the game either way.

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