Traps and grenades

Demon Hunter
So, I am fairly bored with seeing the same 2 builds popping up both on the forums and in the various streams. I was wondering if anyone had tried making a DH which focuses on traps and grenades?

I figured the CC would be insane, but the damage might be too lackluster for it to be viable?

Some input would be nice. Please try adding a few reasons why it will/won't work ;)
people already using it, bandolier: lay 6 spikes down and kite mobs through them
stun grenade, nether tentacle

spikes - scatter
mark of death - valley
caltrops - jagged
evade - stun

its a stun lock build. really fun to use. i imagine its going to be a pvp build but it does its fair share of hurt in A1 and 2 inferno

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