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Demon Hunter
I've currently cleared everything up to Inferno A1. I've had no significant issues with the difficulty at all. I did notice I would die a lot in Hell if I wasn't really being careful, but no worries. I'm sure it helped that I always kept my gear relatively up to date from the auction house while leveling, although I only went for affordable pieces generally under 10k. I did bite and spend the gold on an 800+ DPS bow for Inferno A1.

Anyway, I finally get to Inferno A2, and that is not an insignificant difficulty upgrade. I now see why people have been talking about it on the forums. Everything one shots me. I really think they should just call A2+, Chuck Norris Mode. I'd like to see Blizzard turn those A2 wasps into Chuck Norris's face, and instead of shooting little bees at you, it's just fists shooting out of his beard. All elites and champions may as well just be Chuck Norris too, although I will accept a few that look like Mr. T.

In conclusion, I'm not sure whether or not I'm just supposed to farm A1, or tediously die, rez, and peck away through A2+. Any advice from somebody consistently soloing A2+ would be welcome.

I currently have roughly 24K health and 26K DPS with sharpshooter. This is my current spec.!aeT!YcZbbb
just cleared act 2 inferno and killed lord belial solo, 19k HP 38k dps (110k dps with sharpshooter)

im stacking dex, crit dmg and attack speed
used 900 dps bow

was hard and tedious, most things one shots me, and I play with australian 250ping, but I got it done :)

my build is somewhat similar to you, nether tentacles is a must for belial.

Best of luck!
it makes sense to just stack Dex/Crit/etc to the max and only have a bit of vit, because if you get oneshotted with 50k HP, then there's no reason to have that much :D

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