How to fix Corrupt patch W/out un-installing

Bug Report
Easy fix is simple 4 steps:

1. Open Diablo 3 tab and open file location

2. Open Update folder (there should only be 2 files)

3. Delete the new update from today 05-29-2012 and close folder

4. Re-run Diablo 3 loader as Admin,

this should properly install the new patch AND ready you for the re-launch of servers wihout re-installing
I tried this. And I can't connect to the servers.
So this solution might actually work, however it seems the servers are still down.
Edit: It didn't reapply the patch however.
Sadly (for me) it still keeps going through the same loop of INSTALL PATCH TO PLAY. Euro servers should be up.

Now to silently wait for an update and hopefully fix.
I was able to patch after following these instructions, however as the next poster said, servers are still down :)
Easy fix in two simple steps:

1. Go to windows start menu > Select "Shut Down" > Select "OK"

2. Approx. 1-2 hours later, press the "Power" or "ON" button on your PC (or Mac) and attempt to load Diablo III.

This should solve all issues, and have you back slaying demons without any headache!
error 3003!!!!

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