Your better than this blizz

Technical Support
I kept getting bogus errors about my OS being outa date. I did all of the 'fixes' that should never have been needed to resolve the issue to no avail.

I re-downloaded the entire game via my Bnet account. Now it will not even get past the 'updating files' section.

Tried all the 'fixes' for this to no avail.

I am super disappointed, and if I didnt get this game via the AP, I would be even more angry as I would have spent money on a simply unplayable game.

In case you have to know, I am running Win7 SP1, i7 dual quad core, 6 gig ram, 1 gig vid ram, etc. Its a pimp set up and runs REAL games without an issue.

I have and will be a blizz fan despite this, but for the first time, I am really let down at the poor quality here. Your better than this. And I expect more from you.

I am turning my firewall back on, as well as my antivirus, logging into wow to level an alt, and hoping that some time within the next few weeks this all gets resolved, and that MoP will be in better shape come release day.

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