Continuous Lagging Issues with Diablo 3.

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Hi, i downloaded the diablo 3 online and started the game.. but when i entered the game lagged prity bad! I'm currently playing on an iMac and i have to play with all the videosetting on low.. my i mac meets all the needs to play the game.. what is the problem? sucks that u pay som much for the game and beryl can play.
To reduce lag turn off shadows too, it seems to make a big difference for a minimal graphics loss
For most part beyond actually putting up a server here in Aus they cant do much, Australian internet is generally pretty bad when it comes to overseas connections.

On a side note though i have Bigpond ADSL2 and my ping generally sits around 200-250ms

Are you sure its actually connection lag and not your PC overworking? Take a look at the video settings and make sure you arent actually taxing your graphics cards.
i dont even get lag spikes.... from the time i open the diablo 3 login window my screen is already lagging with a 2 second delay... and when i enter a game....ive had a continuous 2-3 second delay since i downloaded this game, i shut my computer down for 15 hours and restarted the modems and still this constant 2-3 second lag delay...very frustrating. its not my connection cause my internet runs smooth.
I have i5 laptop hp i was wondering why diablo 3 is lagging so i found out that the fan its fu** up and i took it and fixed it and i installed all drivers then i logged in today feeling happy that it wont lag actually it started with a yellow MS (im playing trial) and working GREAT then it freezes and goes to RED and freezes every 2 seconds and im on a wirless connection and i am gonna get a cable to try it tomorow any suggestions ? please help :( Blizzard answer the people that were waiting 12 years -__-
I'm having lagging issues and have died twice because of this... My character freezes, and after a few seconds (even though I press "q" hoping it'll rectify this problem, lawl), my character goes from having full health... to, "Where did all her health go? I'm DEAD?!" Supposedly in the time my character was frozen, I was being bitc* slapped around by enemies.


The game is very fun. So I'm not hating. It's just the lag makes playing the game oh-so frustrating... And when one's character dies because of lagging issues, that's just too uncool for words.

There better not be an achievement for not dying throughout your gameplay... For some reason, my gut tells me there is.

With the amount of money made on the sales of this game you would think a company like Blizzard would provide enough server power to service everyone who purchased the game. A smart business man or women would know the basic concept of supply and demand. Blizzard had the estimated number of pre-orders plus retail sales in stores. One would think when a company knows the estimated number for demand, one would have enough supply. Blizzard should have set its servers to accommodate all the users without any lag issues weeks before the release date. If I knew that Blizzard was not ready for users to play with minimal issues, I would have just waited for the price of Diablo 3 to drop and then purchase it. As of now I just paid ~$60 on a continuously laggy game. Blizzard this is unacceptable.

Blizzard, your stated reason for having Diablo 3 as an online game only is that it is an effort against piracy, but the only users that is suffering right now are your loyal fan base who purchased your game with their hard earned money.

By now, most of us realized that another main part of making Diablo 3 online playable only is to bring in revenue through the real money auction house system. Is it not ironic that the potential for revenue will decrease since players will begin to stop playing because the online gaming is so severely laggy. Blizzard, your plan for bringing more profit backed fired. As a company, I believe your only hope for redemption is to fix the sever problems immediately, as for each laggy game played, more players will stop playing, and in turn means less money for you as a company.

In summary, I am not threatening Blizzard that I will stop playing Diablo 3 as they have already made a profit off me since I purchased it on the release date, and the threat of one person means nothing to them. My point is that if a company cannot provide the necessary server power to accommodate all it's users upon release, then many of us consumers need to take a second thought about purchasing the game at full retail price upon release. Maybe we should wait for the price to drop and the server to be able to properly service us to purchase, play, and enjoy the game.

As to the players, I fully support continuos complaints and other measures towards Blizzard until they go above and beyond to fix all server problems.
I am in New Jersey and had zero problems with the game (other than the servers being down for an entire day) and then today me and my friend sign on to play and i have a constant problem with lag to the point i cant even play.
I'm in Melbourne with ADSL2 (IINET) get 200ms-250ms every night and that is perfect for me, no lag, no skipping.....

It can go up to 350-400 then drops down again.... So far so good.....

There will never be an offline mode, so stop asking for it....
I've been playing co op everyday since release lag free, but today even single player is unplayable,
Blizz whatever you did last night undo it..!
The anti-piracy and auction house are no reasons to host the entire game on remote servers. Simply having an item-verification mechanism would be sufficient, which tracks your drops and pick-ups rather than the entire game being remote. I bought the game assuming I could play it, but the lag has been making that impossible.

I may play online eventually, but no true single-player doesn't make sense
145? I would kill puppies and ewoks (well maybe not puppies) for that... 420 here with best connection in WA.
cant wait for PvP so i can get face rolled by every yank that bothers to just push his buttons.
Been tolerating the enormous ping since I started, I think the game has held my attention because of the epic storyline. I am a little worried about the longevity of the game once the newness of the storyline runs out and begins to rely fully on game play...

Last night was the first time I got proper annoyed. Killing Belial I died I think nearly 10 times. Acid explosions + lag are impossible to dodge. I assume this is going to get worse in later difficulties.

I am not here to offer solutions, rather to register my disappointment. I don't know the full story at Blizzard, I suspect no-one but Blizz knows that. I don't think offering solutions like 'offline' mode, or 'chuck a server in' is particularly helpful to Blizz either.

I believe what they need to know is how many of us have not got what they paid for. This includes me.

I would like some acknowledgement from Blizzard that this is a problem they are addressing. Surely this would quiet some of the rage. I for one would be patient if I knew actions were being taken in lieu of the problem. At the moment I worry that I will never enjoy this game to the extent that I could.
I to have some lag. I am in the US and it works perfectly in the morning but when you get off it and try to play again like after work or eating it likes goes from 100% to a good 15% of working if id even give it that much credit. i mean the only thing i could think of of why it would lag is if so many people are playing it. I mean I like what they tried to do with the Single player idea so you could play by urself and get your level up instead of worrying about going onto multiplayer and it lagging with the other people but now its lagging with only you playing it i mean couldn't they make that offline and just load your account into multiplayer.

Edit: I'd also like to point out I have a 1 terabyte harddrive, 8GB RAM with that in mind which means im obviously using Windows 7 64bit, AMD Phenom x2 processer i think i might have unlocked it to x4 a while back, the only problems i might see with my computer are the internet connection but that usually works fine on other games, maybe my video card but i think that has more to do with graphics its a HD 5450 Silent from ATI, and the main reason i thought it was lagging was because my brothers were playing xbox live. So when i got home today from work my brothers weren't on it and i was expecting it to didn't.
Waited 8 hours to get the game installed. Played the game on my mediorce connection.
Clicked on a character in Tristam, the conversation paused, and I DIED IN TOWN.

Wonderful lag.
This is becoming absurd. Cannot play. I definitely meet the requirements. And I am very sad.
You know what is funny...people crying over the forums and hope for a wonder cure..!

Im sure they are trying their best at the moment to get server loads sorted...but one thing that is most sad about AUS/NZ forum is the amount of threads of peoples cries..!
I'm sure all these are not due to our connection or computer spec. It's Friday night now, looks like biting the dust for the weekend.
I'm also having lag problems.. it started today, but idk if it may be my internet connection. Played all yesterday with no prob, but it's pretty much unplayable today. I managed not to die by spamming the attack buttons, but still. I think I'm close to a boss too, so I just hope it will work it self out in the course of the day. I'm on the european server.

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