Online Lag in Singleplayer?

Technical Support
So it has come to my attention and annoyance that when ever my connection drops slightly or something happens to the connection my game lags. its not FPS lag is full on LAG. As if i was in an online game and my ping was bad.

This is not nice or fun blizzard. i dont see why i should be geting online lag in a single player game. Get it fixed.

I'm experiencing the same thing
Even more annoying is lose internet connection and your game stops.
You can run around the localised level but all portals and exits vanish and your allies and enemies do nothing.
Basically, no net, no single player........Absolutly ridiculous and something that should have been in big bold letters. Looks like we bought an ORPG (Certainly no MM part here). Wish I had known though I wouldn't have bothered.
I also noticed the lag, must be the server not being handle the amount of traffic.

Yea and constantly being kicked out of the game with error 3007 every 15 min is even more annoying.

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