How Do You Change L/R mouse skill in combat?

Demon Hunter
How do you change on your mouse say between "impale" and "
rapid fire" while in combat? I thought in DII you could hot key or have some way of changing. Seems you can only go to the skill try and reassign which really bites.

A hotkey that changes would really help.

Thanks to those with an answer
In D2, you had 2 or 3 viable skills per build.

Now you have 6 (supposedly).

You can change spells mid combat, but you have to manually do this, and it imposes a long cd on the spells before use.

In other words, choose your spells before fighting.

Now you have 6.

Fixed. If you don't have 6 (and wish you had more), you're doing it wrong.
it's a pain in the !@# to change manually, but i imagine using different runes makes this a difficult task to queue up the way you (and i) want it.

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