How to calculate real dsp?

I found most player indicate their thousands damage with rage or others skill. I think the real Dsp should not include any other skills, pure dsp stats,because skills are same for everybody, there are only two difference, skills used and items choose. So I want to know the pure damage from you guys for benchmark. I m level 28, normal dsp 240. Can anyone give me some data, or confirm I m right or not? Thanks a lot.
Do you mean DPS?
Sorry, I m electrical enginer, wrong spell dsp and dps.
Is anyone else worried an electrical engineer can't spell?
Haha,I worry about the relationship between digital signal process vs damage per the way, may I know how to calculate DPS?
i saw a formula somewhere. lemme c if i can find it for you ;-)
Here it is:
Thanks, bro.

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