Shotgun massacre build!

Demon Hunter
So here is the link, I did not really inspect any build topics and this is what i came to by myself, maybe it has standart ideas, but anyway, maybe someone will find it useful or give me some tips!beY!aaZbZZ
Im in the 2nd part of 1st act nightmare now and it is going really easy for now.
Main weapon here is multishot and idea is to keep the hatred high - sure get vengeance for this, bat companion, when you get low - use preparation to fully restore it - and (!) use some gear raising discipline - i have +12 disc - so you can use preparation more - also find some gear adding hatred regen . vengeance has great ability to gain hatred and disc from health spheres - so use vault to get them fast! If you ran out of both hatred\disc - use grenades for that situations to gain hatred!
use smoke screen for dangerous situations, optionally you can replace it with caltrops (i like it with immobilize rune) - actually it is so easy for now that im not even using SS
Im not sure about 3rd passive - i thought about perfectionist but it is 10% and im not sure how it works... 10% of 4 for example ... = 0 ? or then you do 10 times 4-dics skill - you save 4 from 40? so i have now skill generating disc from crits (also not sure because % of it is unknown)
Also, it seems like i have all needed runes now, and they wont be better on later levels (maybe only passive)
Anyone? I've already got to act 2 without any problems, many players died in the different parties, but not me :D
Also, i need advice about weapon(s) - im using now 1-hand crossbow with quiver because 1-hand have needed hatred and discipline stats.
Nightmare only kills non-optimal builds that make no sense. So long has your build is balanced and viable you can walk through nightmare, it isn't hard.

Weapon advice? Pick the best weapon.

Weapon type means little to nothing. Choose the best nothing else.
Thanks for reply, things are going even better now, im lvl 41, 2nd part of act 2, never died yet, over 2k dps, over 12k hp, build are still working great, and i found finally caltrops are better than smoke screen, because its cheaper and immobilizing is cool, also helps to party
I stick to 1-hand crossbow to gain hatred regen and more discipline
also i took a passve adding more damage from long distance

I have question about life adding on hit.. what counts as hit? every arrow? so if i hit say 10 monsters with a blow , i gain x10 life?
05/18/2012 03:07 PMPosted by Snoopgrinder
I have question about life adding on hit.. what counts as hit? every arrow? so if i hit say 10 monsters with a blow , i gain x10 life?

Theoretically, yes. At least that's how % lifesteal works. With abilities like Rapid Fire, at least, any item that had a straight +Life on Hit would only proc every couple of arrows instead of on every one because that would be OP. I haven't actually checked if this same restriction applies for AoE spells.
Also, what is percent of night stalker? Don't know what is better - stalker, or steady aim...

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