Build: Nightmare 2 deaths on record (Jailers)


That's my build currently, If playing it safe I can essentially solo just about any group in the open world. I start out with a Furious Charge in to max out fury followed by a Battle Rage to maximize damage, then pop whirlwind and hold it, if I'm taking damage I drop the Ignore Pain to make my Whirlwind pretty much not allow me to die, and to keep the fury up I spam Revenge ever time it's up. Only groups able to kill me are ones with Jailors which kills my Whirlwind. I'm Dual wielding 1 handers that with Battle Rage up comes to about 900 DPS.


P.S. Jailers are jerks.!bXV!ZbbabZ

I havent had any issues so far when I started using this build, im nearly at the end of Act 2.

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