First Kill on Boss Loot Not Working?

Bug Report
I am now in Act 3 of nightmare and have killed many mini-boss and boss enemies. I have yet to see even 1 rare drop off a boss. It concerns me because these are my first kills on this difficulty and I could definitely use the upgrades.

I generally get 2 blue items, maybe a white or two, and money/potions.
Maybe your "Magic Find" value isn't high enough or you've killed them already once with another character on the same account?
Maybe yellow/rare drops are only guaranteed if it's at least a certain value?

I try to keep my Magic Find value constantly over 70% and I see rare items dropping all the time. I rarely teleport back to town without at least one new rare item in my inventory.
the "first boss kill" thing stopped giving me extra loot in nightmare as well.

Could very well be intentional.
Yes, it could be that "first kill" really means first kill and not "first kill on difficulty x".
That would make sense though as the game is supposed to become more difficult on higher levels and getting too many good items too fast would probably make it too easy.
I see plenty of rares and have somewhere in the realm of 50-60% magic find. Finished act 3 and no bosses dropped rares, but I found dozens of rares along the way.

Would be nice to see this fixed!
I know they've stated the goal of this game was not to farm bosses but COME ON...
I just solo'd Diablo in NM with +94% MF. First time kill. He dropped 3 crappy magic (blue) items. If this isn't broken then it is most definitely flawed.

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