My Barbarian Setup.

I made the controls so they're LoL style, it's easier for me to reach qwer keys.
Alright, I haven't had a problem yet with this, and I've been using it since act 4 in normal. It's worked well for me.

Mouse 1- Frenzy(Maniac Or Sidearm depending on your lvl) You can have Cleave here also

Mouse2 - I switch this often, I haven't found anything that really sticks for this spot. A shout would be good if you want.

Q - Leap(Iron Impact) 300% armor when you land in a group of mobs.
W - Revenge(Vengeance is Mine) fury when you use it
E - Whirlwind(Blood Funnel or w\e you want)
R - Call of the Ancients (Duty to the Clan) longer duration

I sword and Board, I think it's the best when progressing through harder content, especially with stuns and incapacitating effects. Life goes down quick.

The strategy for groups is simple.
1 Leap into the middle of mobs, frenzy(or cleave) until revenge is up.
2 Use revenge (and every time it comes up)
3 Whirlwind around and watch the fun happen! Enemies go down quick with whirlwind. On larger\longer group fights, use revenge when you can to keep your rage bar high for whirlwind.

Call of the Ancients imo is the best of the R button. You can also use a defensive cooldown there, but this isn't a detailed rundown of everything, just what I found the most useful in progression. Bosses get owned hardcore with frenzy and call of the ancients.I'll use a defensive ability on right mouse button in boss fights cause they just hurt in hell mode+

Hope you beginning barbs found this useful!
I'm going to give your setup a try, but what passive skills do you use? Have you been able to use this through all of nightmare?
I was able to use that up to some inferno

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