Does dual-wielding increase spirit gen?

I'm sorry if this has already been covered in a thread somewhere, but I wanted to ask, does dual wielding one handers as a monk increase spirit generation, as opposed to a 2 hander with the same attack speed as the average of the one handers? And if anyone could outline the general pros/cons of dual wield vs 2 handers vs one hander/shield, that would be greatly appreciated
When using two weapons you get a 15% speed boost, so yes.
So reading that shows daggers are optimal for spirit gen? Wouldn't fists be slightly better due to the tendency towards passive spirit gen on them?
Thanks delekii, if I could go further, what would you recommend using for hell mode?
The calculations are based "purely [on] your weapon and related passive." 2x1H illuminating fists can easily give you 2.00 spirit/sec, taking them above unilluminating daggers.

I'd add to the list of pros for the dual-wield that by increasing the number of hits, you benefit from everything that procs on a hit or crit. For the purpose of this question, for instance, you'd want to take into account Crippling Wave -> Rising Tide.

I'm led to conjecture that a passive increasing all forms of generation, including regeneration, is what they originally had in mind for the daibo. I am for example sitting at 5.38 spirit/sec, which would be increased by 1.45 spirit/sec, closing the gap significantly and making 2H more attractive.

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