Some Monk Questions

I'm on Act 3 Nightmare and have been having a little trouble but nothing too bad. I was looking at other people's builds and noticed that the left - click (secondary) was being replaced by other skills such as do you do this? I messed around with the key bindings but I'm probably just a huge noob so can someone let me know how to do this?

Also, I have not found anything good since act 1 of Nightmare. I currently have 1230 DPS, 1583 armor, 596 dex, and 295 vitality. Every time I try to forge some gear it just ends up having horrible stats. Is there a good mob or boss to farm to get some better gear?
ESC > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode
Go to options, elective mode. Then when selecting skills you can use arrows at the top to scroll left/right to other skill trees.
I'm in act3 nm also cruising through pretty easily. I check the auction house regularly and the vendors actually have upgrades occasionally too. One vendor had rings for sale that were 6-12 damage and 11% ias. I bought 2 and they each added like 300 dps to put me around 1800.
Thanks yeah i never look at vendors. Does anyone else get destroyed by poison? 2 or 3 Heralds of Pestilence (the guys who shoot vines through the ground) will usually demolish me.

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