Which Rune for SSS? Sudden or Several?

They seem to do the same amount of damage, so I can't really tell if there's an advantage to either one of them.
Several Sided Strike Hits more so you have more chances for a critical hit I believe.
I like Sudden, just because in a group, it can be hard to get through certain doors when monsters meet you there, and you can't get far enough through to make the wall disappear so you can see what you're doing. Weird reasoning, I know. >.>
05/21/2012 02:31 AMPosted by Delekii
Pandemonium, because multiple 7 second stuns (3 seconds on elites) are far more valuable than slightly more damage.

Obviously, but I'd like to know which one gives more damage for knowledge's sake.
Several offers longer invincibility, so does it stand to reason that Sudden gives more damage?
And how much does Several do? Is it 999% over 9 strikes? Or is it 777% over 9?

I posted some numbers here you might like to check out:

There's an 8% dmg difference between the two until you take on-hit effects into account including +dmg and +life on hit etc.

Depending on how you build your character Several Sided Strike is better than Sudden for raw damage. Mobility is important though so the teleport isn't to be dismissed, neither is the potential extra healing from 9 hits instead of 7 using some good +life on hit gear, particularly if you intend to pvp.

Of course, in that instance you'd probably use pandemonium like you might in inferno.
I like the level 60 rune. The one bad thing about SSS is that when you are hitting more than 2-3 monsters, it loses DPS compared to just a normal attack. With the rune, it becomes good in both AOE packs and still remains great in single target DPS. This is important for Valor buff, where you can't switch runes for single/multi target DPS. I believe that it is the best version, the amount of damage you do in packs is amazing.
Out of interest Dyak, how far in are you? Do you find fulminating effective in mid/late inferno?
I like several sided. The two extra hits give you slightly more invulnerability time.

Avoid the nasty burst skills and give more time for your defensive CD to reset.

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