Will my build work in harder difficulties?

Right now , I seem to be dominating in normal (yes I know that isn't an acheivement, etc. :P) with this build:


Basically, I walk in the room, fire off 4-5 tornados, plunk down my hydra, they do their work, while I cast chain lightning into the mob. Those three abilities at once just seems to really unleash a huge swath of inescapable carnage that mobs just cannot deal with.

If anything survives out of the mob (which is rare) my spectral blades will kill them with one or two hits at most.

Absolute worst case scenario, I have wave of force and diamond skin to save my butt if the baddies manage to actually get to me.

Will this work in higher difficulties? Whats the weakness of this build?
No, it is pretty bad.
You have no good AP dump.
I would put electrocute on your left mouse button and a good AP dump on your right. Arcane orb is great.

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