Chakramadin - DH hammerdin style!

Demon Hunter
Fun build I think you guys might like. I found this worked extremely well throughout Nightmare.

Game play style: Drop a Valley of Death down right on top of you and hover the mouse right over your character as your spam Chakram's. They'll spiral out from you exactly as Paladin's hammers did. Valley of Death of course increasing the damage to anything directly around you.

This was how I was using it.!eTY!aabaZZ

Rain of Vengeance for that extra damage when things might be a bit tough and of course for wallers. Bat companion to keep you Hate up so that you can keep spamming Chakram's.

As fun as this may have been NM is about as far as you're going to get with a build like this.
I'm using a build like this at level 60 in inferno act 1, so no. Definitely works through hell. Inferno's destroying me, but I am not really geared for inferno so it's to be expected.
yeah he is right i had this build it was lots of fun in norm/ nm now its over.!ebY!YbZbbb

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