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I'm a 60 wizard on the butcher on inferno difficulty and I don't have enough dps to beat his enrage timer. I'm currently at 8k dps even though all I stack is damage items and I really need to get this higher.

My build:!fXd!bcaZYZ

My weapon:

2h staff
486.8 damage
77-194 arcane damage
25% damage
34 int
34 vit
45% more crit damage

I also switched it for this weapon

1h axe
515.5 damage
104-251 arcane damage
40 str
111 int
97 vit
16% attack speed
1.5% knockback chance
each hit adds 65 life gem

My gear is all around lvl 60 but I still seem to be having bad dps. I also tried the low hp force shield tactic yet can't get enough health regen. Can someone tell me a way to improve? I have hardly any money for AH and all the items I could use are always between 500k-2mil anyway.
Swap Electrocute for Magic Missile + arcane power return.
I'd also pickup Hydra in place of Frost Nova. I haven't had time to login, so I can't say for sure, but apparently there was a change to Energy Shield + Force Armor that makes it useless in Inferno(?), so I would swap that for Magic Weapon + added damage, or Familiar + the rune that will save your life. You shoudl try Archon.

Also, I don't quite understand how you are only going for damage items and are below 10k damage. You could go back to hell to farm money/gear because it sounds like your gear is pretty far behind standards.
use this build for butcher!fYd!aZabYZ

can switch out magic weapon for arcane orb (20ap cost rune)

pretty much run with 0 vit on gear. get a 1h 650 or so dps. off-hand xx-2xx dmg source (disreguard rest of the stats since u wont be able to afford good ones). dump rest of ur stats into int and/or regen. you will need about 600 or so life regen (not hard to get).

pretty much this build only works for butcher.
start of fight, drop hydra, sidestep micro in between your magic missile to avoid hook, use diamond skin whenver you are about to get hit when ur at 50% hp or when ur on top of fire.
teleport out of fire.
always make sure u dont get hooked by butcher while hes standing on fire (main reason wizards die to butcher). rinse repeat.
uuughhhh I still can't do !@#$. I'm pretty much constantly hitting him and sidstepping the hook when hes on the fire and he is enraging at like 40% with bunch of offense moves. This isn't me taking time fearfully dodging his moves either cause I'm usually not giving a %^-* with force armor and yet still he has that low enrage time. I guess it's simply a matter of gear but I have no idea how I'm going to double my dps.
Farm a little, also hit up the AH. I'm running around with 12k dps in full tank gear and that feels crappy, could barely kill the butcher before he enraged (this spec has really bad single target dps).
Take out Electrocute and Arcane Orb and replace with Ray of Frost (with reduced AP) and Frost Hydra. Use cold blooded where you now have Astral Presence.

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