Wizard teleport bug w/ Wormhole(cause found)

Bug Report
I tested some more and i think I found what's causing the teleport with wormhole to bug, for those who don't know, if you use Teleport with the Wormhole rune (wich allows you to cast it again 1 second before the cooldown begins) then sometimes after the 16 second cooldown, you would get re-teleported to where you were before casting the teleports and the cooldown would initiate again.

What I discovered is that when I casted teleport again just when the cooldown begins and hear my wizard saying something like ''need more time'' or ''not ready yet'', if I continue to walk without stopping for at least 1 second 100% of those times, after the teleport cooldown ends i'll get teleported back to where I were with the cooldown initiating again, now if I still spam it and do one after the cooldown begins but I stop walking for a little time then walk again after I will not be teleported to where i were...

can anyone else test this so we can maybe discover what's causing this and maybe blizzard will fix it?
Yea, i can confirm that, kinda. It is so bloody annoying

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