Barbarian solo all Inferno at Asia Server!

my question still remains
how does he have the skills chosen in the slots he has them shown!?
my question still remains
how does he have the skills chosen in the slots he has them shown!?

Go to options, gameplay tab, then click the box for Elective mode. Lets you assign anything you want to any position you want.
thanks - cant believe i made it to inferno without being able to electively choose my skills >.>
i think hes doing it right, i mean kiting is no fun for those of us portray barbarian as a manly barb who tanks and smacks things in the face like hulk lol thats why i named my barb hulksmash, any ways, i tried kiting with inspiring presence + rend and leap out, but it didnt work passed Hell act 1, maybe thats why im still stuck in hell </3. anyway i think those of us who use 1h + shield is doing it right as of now, since i think 2h weapons are some what under powered, not only from dps perspective even tho their weapon dmg is 2x more than 1h, but it attacks some what slow unless u r able to afford a 1mill 2h weapon. most of 1h gives 1.4+ attack spead for 1/2 of the dmg output. this will only affect your skill dmg bonus, because 100% of them are based on weapon dmg x a multiplier. so u might do half revenge dmg, but the dps output of 1000 dps 1h = 2h weapon with 1000 dps. only ur skill dmg will be halved, but you attack twice as fast so i think overall it makes up for the loss. n e ways with a shield u have a % of blocking, which will increase your survivability, also it gives that extra states you miss, such as +all resistence, vit, str, etc... also i think end game 1h weapon gives as much attribute bonus as 2h weapons, so with a shield ur really getting the bonus stats. lastly i dun really wish to see a buff or nerf coming to our class or the other classes. i mean it probably will come after patch 1 gets dropped, what i like to see though is a "parry" attribute given to us barbarians, instead of dodge. i mean remember TBC tanks that stacked dodge and get 1 shotted at brutalus in SWP? yeah pretty much speaks for it in inferno i think. but i thikn parry will not only further our ability to "tank" but also makes us using 2h or dual wield 1h better at later difficulties so not 70% of us are QQing. not saying i like the 30min elite kills but its challenge and makes me think and adapt to my play, so perhaps later on i can pwn the other classes in pvp lawlz!
Wait, let me see if I am getting this right. For Barbarian to be viable you have to play him like a ranged class? Then why the f* didn't I just start with one in the first place, f* me.
It's pretty funny how most people didn't realize that resistances are the way to go when they die so much.
The key point is his amazing health pool, while the resis is high but not that far from the average gear you could reach.

Gotta try this out.

Someone earlier claimed that the armor setup would cost 100 million igg to put together. I can tell you that is false. On the US AH, the items to reach his armor and resists AND 43% max life mods do not exist, at any price, period.
What I find amusing is that he's wearing the tier 14 armour set..
Still a ways to go until it's best of the best, think about that...
what does it mean by 'farm resist'?

will the resistance increase the more he plays?
or farm resist meaning faming for item with resistance attribute?
what does it mean by 'farm resist'?

will the resistance increase the more he plays?
or farm resist meaning faming for item with resistance attribute?

Yes to the last option. It means to farm items with resist.
so, he doesn't use any fury moves at all? O.o
how the !@#$ to farm the act 1 for gear when the mobs still drop lvl 50-51 items with %^-* stats ...need to be lvl 60 to enter in inferno ....blizard fix the !@#$ing drop if u made the inferno so damn hard and give us a reason to play
The obvious problem here is it takes an incredible level of skill + gear to make it deep into Act 2 and beyond of Inferno with Barbs, where as other classes can go through with Relative ease if they aren't completely retarded.

On top of that, we have to kite &/or go complete tank mode in order to do so.
I thought we signed up to be melee? If you want us to be ranged dps, at least give us skills (fury generators) that will allow us to do so while kiting. Othwerwise, fix the damn class; No one else has to stack as much resists and sacrifice as much dps #/time as we do in order to clear content.
I didn't, I suggest you learn to read before making asinine statements.
I have slightly better stats on my barb then this guy does and i get 2 shot in act 4. Just saying.
my barb still die too often with 850 resist all, 7 k armor, 12 k dps, 25 % block chance - what skills must use to survive in act 2 and 3?
And what kind of gears?
01/10/2013 09:03 PMPosted by Tomatoes
I soloed Act 2 with 24k hp, 7k armor with war cry, around 400 resist, around 14k dmg and killed the act boss in 1 try. I can kill any elite pack during the duration of Wrath of the Berserker. I even dual-wield instead of using a shield, just to say that Act 2 is still easy stuff. I am, however, stuck in Act 3 though.

oh yeah i wasn't paying attention to the date of the post, google took me here -.-'. please kill me

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