Hot corners stop working after playing D3

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Hi all,

Everytime I quit playing D3, my mac's "hot corners" feature stops working.
(this is the feature that makes moving your mouse into a corner of the screen do something, like ie. showing the desktop)
The feature stays broken until the mac is rebooted.

I presume it is because D3 disables this feature while playing (good idea :P) but fails to enable it when D3 quits.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or found a fix?

Update: I have found a workaround, which is to put the mac to "sleep mode" and then waking it up again. This seems to reset the disabled flag on this feature.
You can also try turning hot corners off, then back on again after gameplay. I don't believe there's a fix yet, but I experience the same problem unless I cycle them off and on again.
This is a known issue that will be updated in a later patch.
I'm worried. It's over a year later and this still seems to be an issue. Just upgraded to 1.0.8a and the hot corners are dead every time I run the game.
Sad this issue hasn't been resolved over a year later : >

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