Rakanoth, Inferno

Demon Hunter
How do you beat this guy? I try kiting him and he just teleports right on you and one shots. His minions are ranged and fast, making it even harder to kite. Any advice would be very much appreciated :)
I ended up using evasive fire, long as I didnt jump myself back into a wall, it evaded most of the strikes.
I got lucky and got him on my first try because he kind of derped out and just spammed his circle aoe 3 times in a row, but here is what I did to kill him.

I ran bat and mark of death spamming nether tents. Dodge the first few waves of energy because they are really simple to dodge, but the difficult part comes when he summons the two lickers. My strategy for them was spam nether tents on the location they were coming out as they started to come out, pop smoke screen as soon as they were targetable and burst them down. As soon as your smoke screen wears off, spam it to activate it again because more than likely he's charging his instagib teleport.

I found out that if you watch his model, it's very easy to tell when hes going to teleport and there is also a faint wooshing noise like he's gathering energy. He doesn't have much health (at least for my 1.1k dps xbow), but keep at it! Good luck!
He does an animation where he kind of raises both his arms above his head in a cross a before he does his instagib move. I think his arms glow a bit too, just take a wipe just concentrating on his cast animations, you'll see what I mean.
Thanks for the tips, finally beat him this morning. I upgraded to a 1K dps xbow, what a difference it made lol. The adds melted and Rakanoth wasn't too hard once I figured out his animations.

REally need to watch his power ups. Whenever you see him charge up for a instagib, wait for about 1.5-2s then pop SS. He should end up teleporting next to you but wont kill you.

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