bug in Act 3

Bug Report
hi, i was playing in act 3 (nightmare/private game) on Quest: Turning the Tide (Raise the Catapults in Stonefort) when some of your monsters blocked me with their walls with no exit and then dropped a fire ball like thing under me so i could not move or use my health pots (that were not on CD) and could not live through it. I tried numerous times to kill them with the same out come for up to about 4 tries befor i managed to kill them. i am a level 45 Wizard... if that helps any,,, it kept happening between the 2nd and 3rd catapult.

edit :just a side note the name of the monsters that had the wall thing was called Demon Trooper, but i am still unsure of the name of the ones putting the fire on the ground

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