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Demon Hunter
Hey peeps ,

I was just wondering what kinda stats should I be looking out for ? I see alot of pro DH's get their stats towards more of attack speed/crit dmg or crit chance. Should I be looking out for + resist on all elements ? help would be appreciated ! ;]
The most important thing is to grab a weapon with the highest weapon damage you can afford. Everything else can follow from there.
No, only aim for overwhelming damage, everything will one shot you no matter how much resistance you have. (No really, you might be able to survive a electric bolt <- those only give 12k in act 3, but since a mortar shot at the same place hits for 188k, and a arcane tic is about 46k just ignore it)
Overwhelming damage in terms of attack speed / +crit chance / +crit dmg / +dex / +movement speed <- (for kiting quite important) this is really all you need to aim for and you should put the most amount of money into your weapon slot (it makes all the difference)

There is movement speed on several slots besides shoes (but thats the easiest to get) try and check the d3 site -> game guide and go through the item list, looking for legendaries/set items with movement speed since there is alternatives for plenty of other item slots (and it's worth sacrificing some damage for a 'sidegrade' with movement speed) <- remember to check if those items have the bugged attack speed attribute tho (remember "Increases damage by ##%" on non-weapons is bugged atm)
Mobility and high damage is the name of the game. You WILL get 1-shotted a lot. The only reason people even stack resistance and HP is because they got sick and tired of dying in 1 hit.

I say get enough VIT and Resist so you don't die to stupid !@#$ like a shock bolt or 1 tick of plague or molten. Everything else WILL kill you.
Damnn , right now I'm just re running act I all the time , soloing with MF gears , I get about 180% MF with 5 stacks , ( I know its still kinda low ) , but I'm just curious , does act 1 drop any better items ? or should I just continue on act 2 , my DPS is 20k w/o SS , and 50k++ With SS , but thats just my farming set , If I put on my DPS set , it'll be around 28k w/o SS and 60k ish with SS .

Right now I cant afford whatsoever is in the AH now , and pretty much stuck with the same old items.

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