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Great thanks for the info!
Do you think this setup would run D3 on maximum or high settings?
Would you recommend this system on a budget?
What power supply would you recommend to this system?
Thanks in advance.
Graphics Card: Sapphire Hd 7750 1gb 128-bit Gddr5 Pci-e 3.0
Motherboard: As-rock H61m-hvs - Asrock
Processor: Intel Dual Core G630 2.70 Ghz
RAM: 2x4gb ddr3 Kingston 1333
That setup will run D3 well withi high settings.

HD 7750 can virtually run with any power supply, but for the future expansion purposes, I'd recommend 80 Plus Bronze certified 500W (or 600W) power supply.

I would recommend that you check this guide out first before you buy:
First, thanks a lot, Kalganized.
After comparing the HD 7750 with the GTX 550Ti on Gamedebate.com I came to consider buying the nVidia instead, which, theoretically, is up to 20% better in games than the Radeon, and the price in a local retail is actually lower, so I'm going to buy that.
As for the power supply, I chose the Ocz 500w Modxstream Pro 80plus that, according to a local hardware discussion forum where they analyze hardware, is a strong buy at it's price range.
Most important, thanks a lot for your advices and your fully comprehensive and extensive guides. I can't thank you enough.
OP is a moron.
time to upgrade then :(

can you tell me the difference between a Radeon 5750 and a 5770? those two cards are what I have picked out for upgrades in case my nvidias can't run D3

The difference is just performance, some may have more memory. I do think that they both have 1Gb. but I dunno. What is your Nvidia card?
I have a system with an intel core 2 quad cpu q9400 @ 2.66GHz
and GeForce 9800 S
native resolution is 1680x1050
Win Vista home premium sp2

I can play the d3 starter but it lags. I've tried lowering the play settings but it's still pretty slow. I just want to know if I can run the game smoothly before I bother spending the 60$ to buy it.

any settings suggestions or upgrade suggestions would be appreciated.
If game lags even at low settings, your system is too bogged down with crap that is causing general overall slowness in games.
Kalganized, very good thread . Thanks for your time for posting all of this and for so long lol.

I just upgraded to a brandnew system here are my specs:

Thermaltake 850X psu
Lga 1155 socket Core i7 cpu 3770 ivy bridge quadcore smoking!
With a Corsair hydro H100 cpu cooler Awesome!
16 gb corsair dominator 1600 memory smoking!
Sabertooth z77 mobo smoking!
Intel 120 gb ssd Smoking! Going to add another in the future.
Cosair 400r case, not that great, am thinking about swaping it for the 800D case for future watercooling!, the H100 does not fit in the top of the 400r case, had to put it on the inside door.
Nvidea geforce 560 ti, its ok, not overly impressed, i can hear the fan ramping up and down alot like it is being worked after awhile, almost like its getting hot. The graphics seem to slow down once in a while. I am just going to order a EVGA gtx 690 hydro from their website. I should not have to upgrade that for a while, just need to figure out how to water cool first, kind of expensive to be experimenting with a liquid cooled gpu but, go big or go home.

Other than this i have just windows 7 64 home premium.
I came from a Gateway 6800-01e was ok just to choppy matter of fact i stopped playing D3 because it was too choppy on that pc .
Note that Diablo 3 does not make good use of SLi (GTX 690).

Otherwise, system looks like very high-end, should last for some time for sure.
I got a new laptop from Sony SVS15115FGB with core i5 3210M 2.5GHz, original 4GB RAM but upgraded to 8GB RAM, nVida GeForce GT 640M LE 2GB dedicate memory. It also have an intergrated graphic card Intel HD 4000. The system has the Optimus that support to switch to nVidia when running game or heavy load program. The laptop does have the switch between speed (using hybrid graphic card) and stamina (using intergrated graphic card) infront of it (I use Speed and plug all the time). However, when I run D3, the FPS is only around 15 to 20 FPS with max setting. Is that support to be when I run at resolution at 1920x1080 and 64 bit version Window 7?

I search on the internet that nVidia GeForce 640M should run at 40 to 60 FPS for D3 with max setting from 1380x780 to 1920x1080, yet it kind of did not mention to how much RAM, CPU, and which Window. A friend of mine also say that the graphic card I got should run D3 far more FPS than that and suggest me to disable the intergrated card.

I also look up on some information about this problem, some say just change the preferance graphic card by just right click on the icon or use the nVidia control panel from the advance setting. Some say disable the intergrated graphic card from the device manager or BIOS. Some say uninstall the graphic card. One say re-install the OS since the Optimus is the Window 7 problem itself. I try every of the suggestion expect the re-install the OS since it could void my warranty. Now I am really stuck. Please help me! Or should I go to Sony Customer Care Center and ask their technician there for help or go back to the vendor and ask for money back? (I hope they will not throw me out cause I would probebly in a very bad mod when talking to them, and they did not even mention about this problem in the beginning with just saying the laptop will run any game great)

side note: I bought this new laptop for like 2 days (Mon. Nov. 12, 2012)
Will Diablo 3 run on high settings on the new computer I bought.

CPU:3rd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 quad-core processor [3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache]

GPU:1GB AMD Radeon HD 7670
I would love to know why the !@#$ Intel isnt supported at all in this game not even cpus.Blizzard you lazy %^-*s.I call you lazy programers before i believe.Telling people to go buy a new computer to run your game equals lazy.

Im running this game on a Sony Vaio js210j computer and at times it runs great.Game lacks graphic controls and limitations.

Not to mention stutter issues,fps issues.I would like to see performance improvements for older pcs.Even league of Craps supposably did this for older pcs but they failed.I also have a modded driver for my graphics cause its intel integrated of coarse.Sony sucks balls to telling me there are no upgrades i can use to improve my preformance.I also am looking to see if i can find away to remod them.
hey will my laptop run this i looked and im not that sure its

hp g62 notebook
amd athlon(tm) II p340 duel core processor 2.20 ghz
8gm memory
64 operating system
graphic card amd m880g with ati mobility radeon hd 4250

if u can reply to my post and thx
ok so im bad at anything that comes to computer so... where do i go to find out what kind of video card my pc has or whatever

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